Happy 50 pages! You can consider this my celebration image, as this whole page is a callback to page 13 which I drew just over a year ago. At the time I was incredibly proud of that reveal panel, but the fascinating thing about art is that it’s like a never-ending journey of improvement. As many tears and insecurities as there are, there’s also a lot of pride in doing something that you love and getting better at it.
As of writing this, I have been working on Nine Gates (pages) since at least September 2020, though I only started actively releasing and working on it weekly in late October 2021. I feel like I thank my readers a lot, but it’s because I earnestly do appreciate your patience and interest as I work my way through the story. In one short year I have become more of a whole person, and I like to think that it’s at least in part due to Nine Gates. Even if it doesn’t end up being as successful as I’d like it to be, I’ve gotten a lot out of it personally!

Be seeing you for many more weeks