Jeane Waits
Daughter of Earth, Navigator’s Auxiliary:
Sporty dork, hapless protagonist, comphet lesbian. Jeane is just an awkward girl from Washington who finds herself thrust into a world unlike her own, now she’s just looking to survive– and get back home, if possible.

‘Three-Eye’ Vasha Lonn Fairzant
Devil of the Shatterspear Campaign, Navigator:
A tall, muscular ship captain with a skeletal arm and a sordid past she’d really prefer not to talk about. Also Jeane’s boss, though she doesn’t pay her.

Hadiagrey Lux Vasnothimus
Lady of the High Cloth, Heir to the Penitent, Umbral Bonewitch of the Dead World, Huge Bitch:
A mysterious bone-conjuring young witch from the ever-elusive Penitent House of Gnossos. Hired Vasha to escort and bodyguard her in Seat-of-the-Helm, the Empire’s second sacred city, for the month-long celebration of Saints’ Tide, though she seems very displeased by Jeane’s presence.

Rein-Ohm the 600th
Sworn Navigator-Knight of the Vigil House:
Rein comes from a long line of warriors all sharing the same name. Unwaveringly loyal to Nemiliance, whom he bodyguards and accompanies everywhere.

Nemiliance graf Vesimus
Gentle Lady of the Vigil House:
The partially blind heir to the Vigil House of Modeus, she’s sweet and well liked despite her alarmingly reptilian features, which she’s inexplicably had since birth.

Isadora-Tench Histradia
Calculating Princess of the Stele House:
A sickly woman who revels in causing distress in others. She’s all sharp words and knowing smiles with everyone but Jeane, who she seems to be infatuated with.

Thrive Seventh-Song
Unpredictable Benefactor:
A pretty man in a room that defies all laws of physics. He offered Jeane information on how to get back home in exchange for a favor, though what he gave her was cryptic and unhelpful. He did give her a sword though.

Viator Grent, the Butcher Bull
Tireless Warrior, Vasha’s Biggest Fan:
A big blue guy with an even bigger cleaver, technically the first person Jeane ever met in the Empire. Knows all about Vasha’s past and wants to fight her.

Creed Matthews
Son of Earth:
Jeane’s boyfriend and fellow extradimensional kidnapping victim. Gave Jeane his grandmother’s necklace as a gift, which she very desperately wants to return.