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End of Chapter 4 Update

Well here we are, the end of Chapter 4. It took longer than I expected because I made some bad decisions early on in the chapter, but I’ve learned from those mistakes now and hopefully Chapter 5 will be better!

As a quick refresher for what the plan is: I will be taking a month-long hiatus to build back up my backlog and recuperate, so Chapter 5 will start on the 1st of December, with the usual weekly pages. Not only that, occasionally you might get two pages a week: On Monday and Friday, both at 10 AM Eastern Time to make up for lost time. Don’t worry about me getting overworked, the idea is just to do it whenever my backlog reaches a certain overflow so it will PROBABLY be a very rare occurence.
Following the start of Chapter 5, we’ll also be going back to my old model of taking a week off every time we turn over a tens mark in pages. So for instance, I’ll be taking a week off for page 80, and then another at page 90, and so on.

As always, thanks for sticking with the comic. I love it each and every time I get a new comment, even if it’s to tell me that my comic looks like Kill Six Billion Demons (I’m very flattered, but I know).

See you next month,
Soma (Gregoria)

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