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End of Break Report (Ongoing Release Schedule and Other Comics)

Hi, welcome back everybody. At the time of writing this it’s Monday and I’m putting the finishing touches on Page 56 (A readable line art version is up on the Patreon for $5 tier supporters). I’m very excited for you all to get to read Chapter 4 and meet the new characters introduced in it, I can’t really put into words how stoked I am to finally broaden the character roster beyond the ones you’ve seen so far.
There will be a short (one week long) hiatus between page 60 and 61, and then another one after page 70, and so on. This will hopefully be the pattern I continue with for the foreseeable future, but as always I’ll keep you all updated.

On the topic of my break, it was much needed and relaxing! I feel like every time I get a break to work on personal art I kinda level up, which both helps me keep my mental health strong and makes my comic look better. The downside is that every time I take a break I have to work back up the momentum of doing two pages a week, so that gets a bit stressful.

Another thing, I want to try to support other indie comics and projects, so below are some links to things made by people I’ve met or projects I’ve been following. There’s not a lot, but I think they’re good and the people working on them are very skilled and good at what they do:

Fishblade Saga Fisherman himbo fights giant monsters in a tropical fantasy world. It’s been a bit since the last update but I’m sure Arno would appreciate a few new people taking a look at his comic either way.

One Time Taxes – Incredibly energetic comic with a cute artstyle inspired by Helltaker. Post apocalyptic trash man gets a mysterious helmet stuck on his head and some powerful people want it back very badly. The comic is created by a small team of people, it releases in batches of chapters. Currently only chapter 1 is out, but it’s 37 pages long and it’s a good read. Support them if you can, or if you have a twitter follow them here.

BREAK!! – Not a comic, but a tabletop RPG if you’re into that sort of thing. If you like Adventure Time or Ghibli movies you’ll probably enjoy the setting of the Outer World. I’ve actually had the pleasure of playing a campaign of this and it was a really great time, the rules are simple without just being a “Make some stuff up” kind of game, and the character creation is versatile enough that you could accurately emulate every Nine Gates character so far.
I’m pretty biased to this one because we sorta draw from the same well of Nier, though in much different ways. There is a reason Nine Gates’ internal name is Yoko Taro’s Gideon the Six Billionth Chainsaw Demon
Also: Break!! was recently featured for a Dicebreaker article.

Have a good one

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