Hi everyone, just checking in because I’m incredibly eager to start posting this next chapter. Just a reminder that page 41 will come out Next Week on Thursday (December 1st). I realize that’s not the day I usually post on, but I just wanted it to be exactly at the start of the month.

A few other things:

-Quick reminder that Nine Gates turned a year old last month on October 29th, so happy late birthday Nine Gates. I would’ve liked to have gotten more done but I’ve just been easing myself into this whole comic thing. If you don’t know, Nine Gates originally ran on a biweekly schedule, before I switched to weekly. Between my developing ability to pace a weekly release webcomic properly, and growing accustomed to actually getting a page a week done, I think Nine Gates should progress at a steady and enjoyable clip from now on. There’s definitely things I’m looking forward to getting to in the story, but I need to learn to enjoy the things I’m getting to work on now. rather than pining on things I want to do later.

-Something I’ve been thinking on for a while is the topic of two page spreads, and how I should consider them as far as page releases go. What I’ve decided on is that it is two pages, so I should treat it as such. Any time there’s a two page spread I’ll consider it the page release for that week and the week after. This is most certainly not relevant to page 44 and 45 at all.

-I’ve already talked about how I want to build a healthy community and fandom around Nine Gates. What I want to know is what you want out of a community, and what you would like me to do concerning that.

If you’ve stuck with Nine Gates and you’ve made it your weekly or monthly routine to check out the next set of pages, thanks for sticking around, I appreciate the comments on every other page. I originally started Nine Gates pretty much entirely for myself, but having people who enjoy it is a good motivation to continue improving my art and writing to make it the best it can be. I hope the following continues to grow, and honestly as Chapter 3 comes out it would be pretty badass if you could boost Nine Gates as much as you can. I can only promote it so hard, and the cost of ads kinda builds up after a while. So, tell your friends, shove it in people’s faces on reddit or discord or something, reblog tumblr posts about it, etc.