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Soma Journal #7

Happy Friday, just a reminder that Nine Gates will return on December 1st.
I’m feeling very refreshed and ready to work on the comic again, I feel like my art has powered up some in the two weeks I’ve spent on break. I haven’t just been doing nothing, I assure you! I’ve taken the time to learn some new things to make my job a bit easier and to make the comic nicer to look at. I don’t have too much to say, just a quick update so you know that I’m still alive. It seems like it’d be kinda rude to go on radio silence my entire break.

The Sacred City of Seat-of-the-Helm has over 27 layers of buildings and complexes, counting both ones visible from the outside and the ones hidden within. Approximately 13 of those layers are abandoned, and 4 are populated by a skeleton crew of workers tasked with maintaining the foundations of the city. This is considered a great responsibility; the laborers chosen for this task, alongside their family, live comfortable lives, and are placed in a private tomb after their death as thanks for their service.

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