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Soma Journal #6

Hi again, it’s been a bit. I’ve decided that I simply don’t have enough going on to be able to write a journal every week at the moment, so the journal will more or less be a “When I feel like it” thing.
But anyways, here we are: Page 40 and the end of Chapter 2. Like Chapter 1, I learned a lot and feel like I’ve improved a ton– particularly with detail economy and color choice, as well as how I frame my panels. The panel work overall isn’t as dynamic as I’d like, but that can’t be helped with how relaxed this chapter was. Thank you for sticking with Nine Gates so far, and I hope you enjoy the story and artwork as it progresses. I’m very excited and kind of scared to do the next chapter!

I will begin releasing Chapter 3 on December 1st. I know that’s a while away but don’t groan, it’s so in the future you’ll get higher quality pages without a delay, and so the break between chapter 3 and 4 will (hopefully) only be two weeks long instead of a whole month. Thanks for being patient, now onto…

Hadia keeps a small collection of books with her for travel. Books from the Penitent House are mostly utilitarian in nature, serving either to chronicle Sepulchrum’s history, or to record innovations in bonecraft for future generations.
The most prolific author in the house’s history was Father Madis Grafseptus, a corpse priest who lived to be 116 years old. His dying wish was for a copy of his treatise on long-term skeletal conditioning, “The Osseoderigus,” to be bound in leather made from his skin. This particular copy of the book is currently in Hadia’s possession, and she treats it with great care.

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