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Soma Journal #5

Happy Friday everyone. Two weeks ago I entirely forgot about writing the journal because I was so busy, but I did warn you that the upload of these might be inconsistent.
A few weeks ago I started HRT, my appointment was during the week and it took something like 6 hours because of where I went to get my prescription. That, and admittedly being a bit tired from working as well as doing Nine Gates, is why uploads have been a bit rocky lately. Funnily enough, I thought I was behind again this week, but in actuality I’m kinda ahead for once.
Once Page 40 is released, there wont be more pages for another 4 weeks. This gives me plenty of time to recuperate as well as put together a bit of a backlog– and if this ends up working out I’ll probably do this after each chapter is finished.

The colossal corpse that Jeane collapsed in towards the end of Chapter 1 contains a thriving ecosystem of plants and animals, similar to real life whale falls but on a much larger scale. People from nearby settlements in the Ash Dunes also use it as hunting grounds, or to scavenge its armor for materials.

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