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Soma Journal #4

Happy Friday everyone, I almost forgot to write one of these this week. My sleep schedule has been really strange so I’m a bit frazzled, but we’re down to four more weeks of Chapter 2 and I’m looking forward to the break. It will be very nice to get some time to catch a breather before moving on.
My almost daily walks have graduated to almost daily jogs. I’ve never been super sporty so it’s pretty interesting to improve at something physically like that, and I have a pretty good time when I’m not being chased by dogs.

Hormicite Worms are custodial parasites that construct large adobe-like colonies, which can be shaped before hardening to hold any shape a person might desire. Hormicite nest is often used as a building material for the hull of dunecutters and other similar dune-fairing vessels, because it is durable, lightweight, and maintained by the inhabiting worm colony.
The hormicites feed on Death, which is thankfully an abundant energy in the Ash Dunes, but this also makes them a necromancer’s worst nightmare as the worms are essentially voids of the energy they require to conduct their business. Normally, this causes feelings of anxiety that would reasonably make anyone a bit testy, but if one were to attempt necromancy in the presence of hormicite worms, they would near immediately be overcome with extreme nausea and a migraine that often takes hours to subside.
I don’t have Hormicite Worm pictures right now so have the rough layout of the Thousand Eye instead.

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