Hi everyone, it’s another beautiful Friday morning for me today. It’s gonna start getting colder out soon which suits me just fine, I hate the summer heat.
There’s about 6 pages left in this chapter, the next chapter will probably be half the length and move along the story faster, which is good for you because it means you get to see things happen more, and it’s good for me because it means I can probably start other projects before I’m 30.
I’ve been toying around with programming and character design for modeling recently, which has been a refreshing experience. I’ve messed around with gamedev in the past so I have a vague understanding of how it all works, but I’m using Unity now instead of GMS2 so that’s kinda new. I don’t really have any plans to use this for a project (Nine Gates related or otherwise), I just like to try new things.

Hadia did this immediately after today’s page. Don’t make bones in a hive full of custodial parasites.