Hi everyone, it’s a beautiful Friday morning out today. I’m writing this three days in advance but that’s still technically not a lie because even if it was raining I’d still think it was nice out.
I’ve been kinda unsure where to put this as far as timing goes, I think having it go up at exactly the same time as the weekly page caused the publishing schedule to screw up a bit and kept it from posting the page. This week I’ll try putting it up at 9:40 AM my time and see if that helps.
Lately I’ve been taking walks to get in shape for important health checkups in the future, as well as personal reasons, and it’s helped me feel a lot more motivated to finish pages. The benefit of having a somewhat varied schedule is that you don’t get bored as easily I guess.
As far as my other personal art endeavors go, I want to try to do more fan art of things I enjoy. It’s just hard to convince myself to put effort into drawing something that isn’t my own thing, especially when it kinda feels like I’m holding up a piece of art to an empty audience at times. So I don’t know, maybe I’ll just do silly goober doodles and see if that sticks.
Oh yeah, my birthday is later this month on the 26th so if you don’t wish me happy birthday I WILL remember and I WILL hold the final page of this comic hostage in however many years time.
That concludes the journal section of Soma Journal #2, it’s now time for…

Jeane was originally going to have red or blonde hair, this is because her initial faceclaim was Deborah Ann Woll and her namesake is the final boss of the game No More Heroes. In fact, I even drew our Jeane in the color palette of that Jeane as a joke once ages and ages ago.

That’s pretty much all that I have to say, so see you all next week.