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Soma Journal #1


So as part of trying to foster an active community I thought it would be a good idea to try doing a weekly update to coincide with the release of a new page– Think of this as something like a writer’s diary. I figure that most people will return to the site on Friday anyways, so better to have a new one up now than on a Wednesday or something. Initially I was thinking of doing static columns where I’d talk about whatever the column pertained to, but I can see myself struggling to fill all of those every week (Even so, if I move this to a bi-weekly schedule don’t hold it against me). The only static column I’ll have is COOL GATE FACTS; A section for facts and info about certain characters in NINE GATES, generally pre-production (?) stuff or things I’d LIKE to include in the comic but don’t really have the time or the space to.


So we’re in the last quarter of Chapter 2 right now and I’m overall pretty happy with the progress I’ve made as a panelist and an artist. I’m pretty sure I’ve more than doubled my original readership since the first page of this chapter, so thank you! On top of that, I’ve consumed a lot of media that’s altered the vibe of NINE GATES over this chapter (for the better, I think), including NieR Replicant and Gideon the Ninth, which are now two of my favorite things and I consider them the last two missing puzzle pieces to really make this my own world.
After this chapter is done in what looks to be October I’m going to take two weeks off, and then another two weeks to build up a buffer for myself so what happened last week hopefully wont happen again, but since we’re in the last bit I wanted to ask for your input as I write the script for this next chapter: What do you think I could do to improve the weekly page releases? Is the pacing of each page too slow, or is it just right?


Vasha Fairzant has been a character in the story since I started conceptualizing it something like a year and a half ago. She’s one of the only surviving characters of the comic’s first draft (back when it was called ROYAL), where we were already in a weird fantasy world instead of getting isekai’d into one. The only two other surviving characters are Jeane Waits and Creed Matthews.
The Proto-Vasha was a three-eyed delinquent who rolled with a gang that would’ve picked Jeane up and made her one of their own.

One last thing! Consider this a soft AMA, as in you can ask me whatever you feel like in the comments. It could be about art, characters, the world, or whatever else.


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